Thursday, December 30, 2010

Order for truffles and special occasion chocolate

Sorry, for the late update. We've been really busy with our 'things'..:) Anyway, yoUs have got few orders(hurm, quite a number of actually;). Thanks to our great customers!!!

Here it goes, these are the box which are ready to be filled with our truffles and chocolate!!
Sorry, it's quite dark:(
It will be 6 boxes of 25pcs truffles, 10 boxes of 4pcs truffles&choc assorted, and also 1 box of 4pcs choc oreo(it's a compliment for our customer who celeb her anniv)

Here's Kak Long's friends order:
 Truffles assorted(25pcs)-RM 25

 Truffles assorted with choc(4pcs)-RM3.50
  And here is order from Mrs Aini:
 50pcs of Oreo Cheese truffles-RM43

Here is our 1st trial on customized special occasion chocolate. yoUs chocolate has been decorated to suit the occasion(this time, it's Mrs Aini's wedding anniversary), with special requested wording on the chocolate.
 35 pcs chocolate with customized design. 
*Price change based on decorations&complexity:)

and yoUs is also glad to congratulate Mrs Aini on her anniv by giving her this complimentary gift:)
 Choc Oreo box of 4
yoUs would definitely like to thank all it's customer, and hopefully they'll like the taste and decoration of our truffles and chocolate!! :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Choc Oreo again..

it's choc oreo!
box of 4..

cute! suitable for pressie :-)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oreo Choc

Choc oreo for my sister's fren..

edible image + colourful flower

glad to hear that her husband & children like it soooo much...

these for my heroes, niece & nephews..
and they like it too!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Craving for truffles..

yoUs got an order from Kak Ifah for her 2nd wedding anniv...
1 box of oreo cheese & 2 boxes of almond apricot cheese truffles..
ini dia =)

yoUs also gave white lollychoc and heart-shaped white & strawberry choc as a complimentary gift for her.

and..we have beautifully packed & decorate the box =)

theme: lovey dovey =)

yg ni pula order from Kak Long's friend. can we call it Truffles Assorted? :p
(we have 25 pcs mix of Oreo Cheese, Almond Apricot and Strawberry Cranberry Cheese truffles, and also plain chocolate)

thank you for the order. yoUs specially wish Kak Ifah & her husband, a happy and wonderful year ahead(of course with new kickin' baby inside)..eheheh...