Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Craving for truffles..

yoUs got an order from Kak Ifah for her 2nd wedding anniv...
1 box of oreo cheese & 2 boxes of almond apricot cheese truffles..
ini dia =)

yoUs also gave white lollychoc and heart-shaped white & strawberry choc as a complimentary gift for her.

and..we have beautifully packed & decorate the box =)

theme: lovey dovey =)

yg ni pula order from Kak Long's friend. can we call it Truffles Assorted? :p
(we have 25 pcs mix of Oreo Cheese, Almond Apricot and Strawberry Cranberry Cheese truffles, and also plain chocolate)

thank you for the order. yoUs specially wish Kak Ifah & her husband, a happy and wonderful year ahead(of course with new kickin' baby inside)..eheheh...

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